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  • Do your children throw temper tantrums?
  • Do you feel that your parenting challenges have had an adverse affect on your marriage?
  • Has your family gone through a major life change, such as a divorce, a new marriage, a new baby, relocation, military deployment or a death?
  • Do you have difficulty setting and enforcing boundaries?
  • Do you need ideas on how to effectively discipline your children?
  • Is your child having difficulty in school?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, Leadership Parenting can help you.

Excuse Me…!

Thinking of others first. An archaic concept for so many people these days.  In our society the idea of “me first” has left behind it’s usual realm of toddler-hood and expanded into all age groups up to forty.  That being the case, the children being raised today really don’t have a hope of learning the art of being considerate because they have so few to teach them. And keep in mind that teaching a child to be kind and considerate goes beyond them saying “please” and “thank you”.

When children are taught that they are the most important people in the family setting, that their wants come before the adults, they transfer this “I’m #1″ entitlement onto all of the adults that they interact with.  This becomes especially noticeable when they are at school, where the teacher is the adult in charge.  Imagine one child who always needs to be heard, always needs your undivided attention, always wants to do what they want, always has do do things their way.  Now multiply that child by 15-20. On any given day teachers are dealing with several children who think they are the star of the show, that they are in charge, because that is what they are used to at home.  They don’t have to listen to their parents, so why should they have to listen to their teacher?

Teachers have increasingly become parents to the children in their class, teaching them manners, how to be considerate, how to act.  The consequence is that the time taken up with behavior issues is time that is taken away from instruction.  Or perhaps fun activities such as art projects, or field trips.  And those children who demand all the attention, who talk out of turn, who constantly interrupt, are interfering with the learning of those children who are polite, considerate and respectful.  And that is wrong.  The parents who have done their due diligence and are parenting their children to become responsible, functional members of society are thwarted by those who are unable to say no to their’s.

Parents need to teach their children patience, politeness and respect for others.  That their needs aren’t always the most important ones, that they often can wait, not matter how urgent they seem at the moment.  That saying “excuse me”, although polite, doesn’t give them instant permission to interrupt others.  That being asked to do something five times, is four times to many.  Self-importance has been given free reign and it needs to be taken in!